The Early Bird Catches The Worm – Get Up, Get Active

Another early start for me, my first client needing to train at 05:30hrs in order to integrate healthy living into a busy lifestyle. So what benefit is there to be had from getting up early to make a positive impact in your life?

It’s common that we need structure to succeed, without it nothing would get done. Many a business owner will tell you that prior to getting funding and setting off on a successful new venture a proper business plan is a must. The same thing rings true in employment, with scheduled work times and management setting targets to get things done, an ad hoc approach to work would be disastrous. Ad hoc living bears little fruit either, in contrast, prior planning and preparation often leads to being productive in terms of health. Often there aren’t enough hours in the day to pay them proper attention, so what might you do for better heath if your day was just one hour longer? Below is a non-exhaustive list of things that you could achieve before the day starts in earnest:

Plan Your Week

Having mentioned the importance of planning, it stands to reason that the most important thing is to plan your weeks exercise. If you want to get the most benefit from healthy living then reducing your number of training sessions by one or two in order to follow a specific plan is a great investment. Set goals, map out your route to achieve them, and then write your plan in your diary.

Fresh Air Cardio

Despite the benefits of cardio in general, getting up early and getting outside is a great way to energise yourself for the rest of the day. You’ll have less exhaust fumes to inhale, than if you were to exercise in the evening, and you’ll find it easier to negotiate the stresses and strains of the day. Also, studies show that 60 minutes cardio a day can change your genes to favour you burning fat.

Plan Your Food for the Day

By planning what it is that you’ll fuel your body with for the next 24 hours, you’ll reduce the risk of snacking on calorie dense foods. If you have a nutrition plan then it’s less likely that you’ll choose the wrong foods when you’re feeling starved. If done right you can increase your metabolism, feel energised and save money by cutting out waste.

Have Breakfast

Kick start your metabolism by having something to eat first thing. Porridge or Swiss Style Muesli are a great way to get your body ticking over and when eaten as part of a balanced nutrition plan, eating breakfast is essential in any effective effort at losing weight.

Train Twice a Day

If you aim to tone or build muscle, by splitting your training in two you will benefit from enhanced results. Do your cardio workout first thing and then a resistance session later in the day to take full advantage of your energy stores. By enhancing your aerobic capacity and then building muscle when you have replenished your body’s energy, you will give your body a recovery boost and see greater gains.

Do the Chores

If you’re a worrier and you can’t begin to think about making time for exercise until every last thing is done, then do your chores first thing. Manage your time efficiently by prioritising and if it’s housework you’re doing then you’ll rack up some bonus exercise in the process. Be sure to take your health seriously and if your chores aren’t essential consider weighing up the pros and cons. Remember that feeling healthy will boost your productivity.


If you’re feeling stressed then getting up early and taking part in low intensity exercise such as flexibility or Pilates can lighten your mood. Try and make time for you, by reducing your stress levels and being mindful of your body you can learn to better manage your stress levels.

By making time to enhance your health through regular exercise, you can reduce your risks of suffering from a range of different medical conditions including cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, breast cancer, colon cancer, depression, anxiety, obesity and type 2 diabetes. Making that extra hour in the day will improve your self esteem, increase your productivity and give your energy levels a boost. It might be an hour of your day but it could add years to your life, the early bird really does catch the worm as far as your health is concerned.